Recycling Photographs


I started out making a pair of wings as a follow on from yesterday’s post, and then I made this background for an art journal page but when I put the two together I decided the wings would wait for another setting.

This started out as an image transfer using an inkjet print of one of my photographs, but I decided I didn’t want to lose the intensity of the sunrise, so I flipped it right side up and glued it down. I flung some alcohol inks around and used one of my texture stamps with bronze and black ink for some added texture.

The crow is printed in white ink from a soft-cut “lino block” I made myself last year – I used one of my own photos as a guide for that too, so this page is a good example of Other Things To Do With Photos.:)

I finished off with a wee bit of Conté crayon and Graphitint shading in places.

Not a bad way to procrastinate about my NaNoWriMo session for today.


Finding My Wings


Yesterday I spent the day writing an essay and finishing off a previous one for an assignment that is due on Friday. So although I didn’t make any art, or do any novel writing, I did create something from nothing. The assignment was submitted today, and I’m not the sort of person who finishes things three days early, but maybe I’m becoming one.

Today I’ve hiked my NaNoWriMo count and I’m planning to hike it a bit more tonight, and I spent some time making this art journal page for AEDM. I’m not sure how far you can fly if you’ve only made one wing, but it’s a start ha-ha. (watercolour, texture stamping, hand-lettering, collage, alcohol inks, markers).

Painting Over The Cracks


November has rolled around and I am participating in Art Every Day Month, and NaNoWriMo. I’m going to try and re-ignite my blogging finger an document my progress. I hummed and haa-ed about that yesterday, which is why there is only a blog appearing today to cover what I made both days.


Yesterday I started with macramé and made a pot hanger and today I have finally painted the second-hand pot my blokey found in a charity shop and presented to me. It was the perfect shape and size, but the colours were not my style, so it has sat on my table waiting for my motivation to arrive. Today I grabbed some acrylics and did a quick upcycling job. I like the fact the pot has a wee patch where someone chipped it and glued the piece back on, and the new layers of paint hide the flaw further.


As I was painting the pot all sorts of negative thoughts were passing through my mind and I came to the conclusion that over-thinking is fine as long as you keep Doing.


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